Anorak Magazine – Sure to Put a Smile on Every Kid’s Face

Anorak Magazine

Welcome to Anorak, the Happy Magazine for Kids

Anorak magazine, for children ages 6+, is published by Studio Anorak, an independent children’s publishing house established in 2006. Studio Anorak also publishes DOT, a magazine for children 5 and under. Both are published quarterly, both print and digital, and shipped worldwide. The publishing house’s ethos is to put creativity and joy at the heart of childhood.

With vibrant color throughout, Anorak magazine is filled with beautifully illustrated stories, games, and other fun activities. Each issue has a theme, all of which is designed to spark imagination and help kids tap into their natural creativity. Some themes come from nature, such as “Mushrooms” and “Sharks.” Other themes are broad concepts like “Kindness,” “Imagination,” and “Joy.” There is even an issue themed “Ice Cream” – what kid wouldn’t enjoy an entire magazine about ice cream?!

Who’s the Audience?

Studio Anorak suggests Anorak magazine for children ages 6+. While middle grade kids might secretly enjoy this magazine, they would most likely consider themselves too “old” for the bright colors and childish illustrations. But it is perfect for elementary age children. Some of the stories are a little longer, but everything else is the length of a two-page spread. Activities include things like games, recipes, jokes, crafts, and drawing.

Why Anorak Will Make Kids Happy!

There are so many fun things about Anorak magazine:

  • The aesthetic/concept is bright and appealing.
  • It is highly interactive, with lots of activities, games, and prompts.
  • The theme is unisex.
  • Illustrations show a variety of children. While the majority seem to have white features (it’s hard to tell because the children are usually all in bright colors), there are some who appear to be children of color, and at least one issue had a child wearing a hijab.
  • In conjunction with the magazine, there is an online podcast for kids.
  • The website has a “Little Editors’ Club,” where children can submit writings and drawings for inclusion in Anorak.
  • Anorak is available both online and print. The issues reviewed for this post were on Libby, the free library app.
  • Football IssueIntroduces kids to a European perspective through its illustrations and topics. For example, one issue is titled “Football,” and of course, it is referring to what Americans call Soccer. And recipes will require converting measurements from the metric system, but think of it as a learning opportunity!


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